[Genuine Answer] 3rd phase Primary Exam Questions and Solutions 2022

Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Questions and Solutions 2022. Primary assistant teacher examination has been held. Even after the test is held, many are still looking for the solution to the question. Because you are eagerly waiting for the answer to some of the questions that have been right for you.

We are experienced teachers and they will try to solve all your questions. We have published this post keeping in mind those who have participated in the examination for the post of Primary Assistant Teacher. You can find out the exam questions and solutions from here. Many of you are looking for ways to solve this problem. It is important for you to solve this test question paper. So we have published the details about this on our website.

The main topic of our discussion is the solution of the primary teacher examination question paper. So read our entire post carefully and hopefully you will find the solution to all your questions. Only a few government assistant teachers are advertised annually. Many of them participated in the notification test. Participate in the test and ask questions and question papers from us.

We have presented in today’s post keeping in mind your needs. So read our whole post carefully and hopefully you will get the right solution to all the questions. Without further ado, let us present the solution to your question.

Solve Primary Teacher Exam Questions

We are going to publish the solution of primary teacher exam questions. We are publishing these questions and solutions in the context of what many of you have asked of us. The test is already over and many are trying to find test questions and solutions.

So you took part in the test and if you are looking for a question paper, they will definitely get it from us. The Primary Assistant Teacher Examination Circular was published in 2020. But due to the Karna epidemic, it was tested in 2022.

Examination schedules and placement decisions are changing. Those who are interested in the job are getting frustrated. We will not say that there is nothing to be disappointed about. The result will be taken at the right place at the right time.


The Department of Primary Education has issued a notification on October 20, 2020 for the vacancies of 32,577 primary assistant teachers this year. His test is already over. Now waiting for the result. I hope many of you will be able to pass the test.


You can see the question in the picture above. Now those of you who are looking for the solution of the question will find the solution of the question there. We have tried to solve the problem of experienced teachers being caught. So the solution to our question you can accept reliability.

Primary Assistant Teacher Exam Questions and Solutions 2022 PDF

Those of you who are looking for primary assistant teacher exam questions and solutions I would say you have come from the right place. From here you will get the correct solution to all the questions.

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