[Correct Answer] 44th BCS Question Solution 2022 pdf Download

44th BCS Preliminary Question Solution 2022 – Students who have participated in the BCS Preliminary Exam are definitely looking for a solution to the question. Students will find the solution to your question very easily from our website.

BCS exams are held simultaneously all over Bangladesh. The time for BCS exam has been fixed at two hours. The BCS exams will start at 10 am and end at 12 noon. As soon as the test is over, the students visit different websites to find the solution to the question. Students can easily see the solution of BCS exam questions from our website.

MCQ Questions and Solutions in BCS Exam 2022

The BCS exam consists of 200 MCQ questions. Students have to answer only 200 questions. But the hardest thing is that there are negative markings for wrong answers. 0.50 marks will be deducted from the number obtained for each wrong answer. That means 1 number will be deducted from the number obtained due to giving two wrong answers.

We all know that BCS exam is usually done in three steps. These are:

  •  Preliminary
  • Return
  • Viba

The first phase preliminary of BCS is being held on 27th May. All the students participate in the BCS exams in the hope of building a good career for themselves. All the students who have passed the BCS prelims can participate in the next step.

BCS Exam Question Solution 2022

Students’ aptitude is tested in BCS Preliminary Examination. Millions of students take the BCS exam every year. So the student has to prepare very well before participating in the test.

Simultaneous examinations will be held in Rajshahi, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet, Dhaka, Mymensingh and Rangpur. A total of four sets of question papers are provided in BCS examination namely A-B-C-D. Through today’s post we are going to solve the 44th BCS questions solution 2022. However, to get the BCS exam questions solved, students have to read and watch this post carefully from beginning to end.

The 44th BCS MCQ exam is starting from 10 am on Friday. BCS MCQ Question Solution will be asked from 10 subjects. At the end of the test, all the students find the solution to the test question. Because they want to know how many of their answers are wrong and how many are correct.

The first solution to the 44th BCS preliminary questions solution 2022 will be uploaded from our website. So students can easily download BCS question solution 2022 from our website if they want.

44th BCS Exam MCQ Question Solution 2022

BCS exam is a first level recruitment exam in Bangladesh. Millions of students take the BCS exam every year. We all know that BCS exams are very difficult. And so after finishing the test, the students are eager to solve the question.

We collect 44th BCS questions Solution as soon as the test is over. And we publish on our website by finding the perfect BCS preliminary solution 2022 to the question by experienced teachers. So students will find the right solution to that question only through this post.

Subject Distribution of 44th BCS Preliminary Examination:

1. Bangla Language and Literature- 35
2. English language and literature-35
3. Bangladesh Affairs-30
4. International Affairs- 20
5. Geography (Bangladesh and World) Environment and Disaster Management – 10
6. General Knowledge- 15
7. Computer and Information Technology – 15
8. Mathematical Reasoning- 15
9. Mental Skills- 15
10. Ethics Values ​​and Good Governance – 10 Total No. 200 Students who have participated in BCS exams can easily understand these issues.

44th BCS Exam Question Solution 2022 PDF Download

The BCS preliminary question solution 2022 has already been published on our website. Students can rest assured that they will find the right solution to the question from our website. From here, students will be able to download quiz solutions in PDF file format. Our sole goal is to provide students with the right solution to the problem. So that the students can benefit.


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