How To Check Load Shedding Schedule Dhaka Bangladesh

Load shedding schedule of Dhaka has been published. Those who are looking for Dhaka load shedding schedule on various websites have come to the right place. You can check from our website the details about which areas of Dhaka load shedding can take place and when load shedding will take place. To know the load shedding schedule must read our today’s post carefully. Hope you can easily know the details about load shedding schedule and use your electricity accordingly.

Due to current shortage of power generation, load shedding is scheduled. Due to economic stress, there is a disruption in power generation due to inadequate fuel supply. As the country’s power generation plants are dependent on gas, coal and diesel. All the diesel dependent power generation plants have been shut down as diesel prices have skyrocketed at present and there is a shortage of imports.

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Russia is currently one of the world’s leading energy exporters. Our country imports most of its energy from Russia. Currently, Russia is in a state of unrest over the Ukraine war. As a result, the West and other countries have put Russia under many sanctions. At the same time, the lack of foreign exchange is being noticed due to the increase in inflation in Bangladesh. So load shedding is scheduled considering all aspects.

The ministry has informed that since there is a shortage of energy and electricity is needed by everyone, electricity will be supplied to all areas in a scheduled manner. That is, it has been informed that load shedding will be done for one to two hours in certain areas at certain times. The list of load shedding has already been published officially. You can check the load shedding schedule easily.

 Load Shedding Schedule Dhaka

Load shedding schedule has been published for different areas of Dhaka. If you want to know the load shedding schedule of Dhaka then you must enter the website which publishes the load shedding routine. The schedule of load shedding has been detailed there. So without further delay, know the schedule of load shedding from the official website.

At present Bangladesh government has taken various steps to reduce the wastage of electricity. It has already been informed from this ministry that all the government vehicles have been asked to take steps on how to consume less fuel. At the same time, it has been reported that instructions have been given to reduce the use of AC in various government and private buildings.

Various shopping malls have been asked to close by 8 p.m. It has been informed that if any establishment does not close the shopping mall by 8 pm then it will be taken under the law and electricity will be disconnected.

Load shedding schedule has been released to address all issues. According to the load shedding schedule, there may be power outage for one to two hours in different areas. However, the ministry has said that the problem is temporary. It has been informed that the amount of load shedding will be reduced again if the fuel supply is sufficient.

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