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Online Train Ticket Bangladesh Railway. Good news for those who want to buy a train ticket online. Finally, Bangladesh Railway has started selling train ticket online. Those of you who want to know how to buy tickets online can easily know how to buy railway train ticket very easily. Today we will discuss how you can easily buy train tickets through

There is a way to buy online train tickets which is included on Those who were previously in charge of selling railway tickets have expired. As a result, Bangladesh Railway has given the responsibility of selling tickets to the new contractor online. Good news for those of you who are unable to purchase tickets online after trying so hard.

Because through today’s post we have shown you how you can easily buy online train ticket from Bangladesh Railway. My post today is for those who want to buy but do not understand how to buy. So read the whole post carefully without delay.

The new contractor is expected to sell railway train ticket this year. Arguing to sell tickets online, they couldn’t sell. They said they did not have the capacity to do so. So they demanded one time from L of Bangladesh. They demanded 5 days to give them time. According to him, Bangladesh Railway gave them five days to sell their tickets.

Tickets were allowed to be sold online from March 21, 2022. But unfortunately, they could not officially start the activities. Tickets will not be sold online from the 21st. Which is constant suffering for ordinary passengers.

We visited different places and saw a lot of people waiting in long lines in the traditional way to buy tickets. Which greatly increased human suffering. Asked about this to Sohoz authorities, they said they would extend the time for selling tickets online.

Finally, authorities said that the sale of Bangladesh Railway online train ticket for March 26-29 will resume on Saturday at 6 pm. is a new contractor who got the responsibility of selling Bangladesh Railway online train ticket. In the eyes of ordinary passengers, should have checked its capabilities before handing over the responsibility.

Ordinary passengers would not have suffered if the railway authorities had verified the power of After the new agreement was reached, the general public tried hard to buy train ticket , but due to many technical complications, online ticketing was not possible.

According to the Bangladesh Ministry of Railways, has received an agreement to sell online train ticket. They will sell it online and get Tk 0.12 from each ticket. The CNS authorities were responsible for selling the previous tickets.

Advance online train ticket booking Bangladesh Railway

In the future, advance tickets for Eid holidays will be sold through Bangladesh Railway online train ticket sales. During this holiday, a huge number of passengers will return from Dhaka to different parts of the country. Bangladesh Railway authorities have decided to sell advance tickets to cope with the huge number of passengers.

You will start selling train ticket online in advance from the venue. Online ticketing activities will continue from 26th to 29th. Offline ticketing has started online from 8 am on Saturday through Bangladesh Railway e-ticketing.

Many of you want to buy tickets online in advance. There are several mediums you will need to follow in order to purchase tickets in advance. Many of you want to buy tickets but do not know the details of how to do it. We will show you how you can easily buy tickets online. Buying a ticket is not a complicated matter.

Just following a few simple steps will help you understand the details of selling tickets. To play cricket, you must first access the website After entering this website, first you have to sign up with your name and all the information. Of course, your NID information must match that information.

Those who do not have NID will not be sold train ticket in any way. According to this year’s new rules, those who want to buy tickets online must have NID or birth registration. In addition, you will not be able to purchase tickets online in any way.

By signing up online you can see the details of each train schedule there. You can see the details of which train ticket to buy and which seats are vacant. You can buy the seat ticket of your choice by looking at the details.

As per the pre-announcement, intercity train tickets will be available from only 77 stations through the official website of Bangladesh Railway. The computer systems at these 77 stations have been down for some time but have been re-opened and passengers can buy tickets from here.

For the time being, the sale of tickets through mobile applications will be stopped. But you can buy tickets through the website if you want. About 90,000 railway tickets will be sold this year for the Eid holidays.

The process of purchasing tickets online

There are several ways to book tickets online. You can buy tickets through mobile application and you can buy  online train ticket through website. But nowadays it has become easier to buy tickets through the website.

Earlier, those who were engaged in ticket sales used to sell tickets very efficiently without any problem. But those who are currently in charge of selling train ticket online are not able to do their job properly. There have been complaints from many passengers that someone paid to buy a train ticket online but did not get one.

Again, there are many allegations that a person got a ticket without any payment. Ordinary people are very embarrassed about these sufferings. Finally, the simple authorities said that this embarrassment will no longer be borne by ordinary passengers. From now on, tickets can be purchased easily by following the steps below.

  • To purchase tickets, first, enter the official website
  • Sign up on the website with all your information
  • After signing up, log in with your password
  • Password must be eight-digit
  • Select a ticket from your account’s dropdown menu
  • Schedule your duty from the station and schedule the train
  • Set your choice of AC / Non AC
  • After selecting the cricket, click on the purchase button

This way you can easily buy tickets online. If you can’t afford the ticket, you can contact us for details. We will always be at your service regarding ticket purchase.

Online train ticket payment process Bangladesh Railway

If you want to buy train ticket online, you must pay online. Of course you can’t buy tickets without paying online. You can follow the steps below to buy a ticket.

  • After you book the train ticket go to the payment option
  • You will then see the names and logos of different bank accounts. You will be able to make payments through bKash Rocket.
  • A bank account mobile mm19 from where you want to pay
  • Confirm after entering your account number
  • A security code will be sent to the cell phone number registered in your bank account
  • Enter the security code as well as your account PIN
  • Click the Confirm button to confirm your ticket
  • This way you can easily buy tickets online

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