Rajshahi University RU Primary Selection Result 2022 pdf Published

Admission to the University of Rajshahi for the 2021-22 session is currently underway. The primary application process has already terminated. You should now see the results of the RU eligibility list. So, for your kind information today, Rajshahi University Admission Choice Results 2022 have been announced by the RU authorities. If you are waiting for the results of the RU candidate list, this is the right place.

In this article today, I would like to share how to get the RU Eligibility List 2022. Also, most of the candidates looking for a choice on Google. So, for your kind information, the Rajshahi University authorities have already published their selections on their official website. Visit the RU website now to see the eligibility list.

Recently, the primary online application of the University of Rajshahi has been closed. After that, the final online application started on June 15th. Only the first-selected candidates can apply for final admission. We know that only 45,000 candidates can take the entrance exam. According to the ICT Center at the University of Rajshahi this year, 3,98,000 applicants have applied for major online applications. Today, the RU Eligibility List 2022 has already been published by the authorities.

RU primary selection result 2022

If you are also a candidate, please check the RU eligibility list from the official website. The RU authorities have already published the 2022 selection results for admission to Rajshahi University. If you want to see the results of this short list, you need to collect the result PDf file from the official website of the RU Admission Portal. Therefore, please visit the https: //admission.RU.ac.bd/undergraduate/ link and collect the results immediately.

After publishing the RU Eligibility List, most campsites will search Google for the RU Eligibility List result checking process. Therefore, as a kind information, you can easily check the result of the short list by downloading the result PDf file. If you want to get the PDF file, you need to visit the official website of the RU Admission Portal. You can see that most candidates are currently searching for portal links. So, for our kind information https://admission.RU.ac.bd/undergraduate/, this is the official website for admission to the University of Rajshahi. All necessary information will be shared on the website. Therefore, if you want to see the results of the Rajshahi University selection list, follow the instructions below.

Primary Selection List Check

how to check RU admission selection list

  • First, you need to visit the following site: admission.RU.ac.bd
  • Then go to the Undergraduate Admissions section.
  • Then check for recent notifications.
  • Click “Eligible Candidate List” Result Notification
  • Then download the PDf file for your unit.
  • Finally, check the result with the applicant ID
  • Rajshahi University Selection List Results – PDF Download

If you want to get the Rajshahi University Selection List Result 2022, you need to collect the result PDf file from the official website. Already, RU authorities have published the results of the A, B, and C unit candidate lists on their official admission portal website. You need to access the official link and collect the result PD file. You can see that most candidates are currently looking for RU eligible list PDF files on google. Therefore, as the kind information in the table below, we shared the selection results of A, B, and C units for each unit.

RU Admission Result 2021 pdf

Basically, the Rajshahi University authorities take the final entrance exam for 45,000 candidates per unit. However, many students applied for admission every year. Therefore, the RU authorities first published the results of the short list. After that, only selected candidates can apply for the final entrance examination. Today, the results of the Rajshahi University Short List have been published by the RU authorities. If you are looking for RU eligibility list results, you can easily get your selection results from this article. In the previous section, we shared the results of the primary selection for each unit.

RU A Unit Eligible List 2022

The Rajshahi University A unit is exclusively for Science Group students. This year, a total of 1,45,000 candidates have formed an alliance as a result of the primary selection list. Today, the results of this primary eligibility list are published to A units. Therefore, if you are looking for the RU A unit eligible list 2022, please visit the link below to collect the resulting Pf file. Please note that only 45,000 candidates were selected for the final entrance exam.

RU B Unit Eligible List 2022

Unit B is for Arts Group students only. This year is the lowest applicant in the B unit group. Results of the RUB unit eligibility list released today. If you were a B-unit admission candidate, check the results now. The total number of applicants for B-unit is 1,03,000, and only 45,000 have passed the entrance examination. See the links below for the results of the primary section.

RU C Unit Eligible List 2022

This year, a huge number of candidates have been applied for admission to the RUC unit. Unit C is known to be a commerce group student only or a commerce group student. This year, we are a candidate with a high application rate for C unit. A total of 150,000 handsome people were applied for admission to the C unit. Today, we released the C unit selection results. A total of 45,000 candidates can take the entrance examination. For a list of eligible C units, please visit the links below.

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